Advance China I.P.
Law Office (ACIP)

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AnfrageService-Outsourcing: Biete
Stichwortpatent application . trademark registration . infringement mediation
FirmaAdvance China I.P. Law Office (ACIP)
Beschäftigte20 - 200
Umsatz €500.000 - 5 Mio.
KontaktHerr Chen
RegionChina CN CN-528400 Zhongshan (Guangdong)
Tel.+86 760 88662878
Fax+86 760 88662718
Handy+86 13702389006
SpracheEnglisch Chinesisch Deutsch Französisch Spanisch Russisch Japanisch Sonstige
Our success is evidenced by a broad and rapidly growing domestic client base. Currently we are facing a strong demand from our clients to protect their intellectual property rights in virtually many countries of the world. We are looking forward to building alliances with more foreign intellectual property law firms in order to provide the best value service for our clients.

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