Guizhou Dazhong Rubber Co., Ltd

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AnfrageHandelswaren: Biete
Stichworttiming belt . cogged belt . ribbed belt
FirmaGuizhou Dazhong Rubber Co., Ltd
Beschäftigte200 - 2000
Umsatz €5 Mio. - 50 Mio.
KontaktHerr Pan Shi Jie
RegionChina CN CN-550008 Guiyang (Guizhou)
Tel.+86 851 4762162
Fax+86 851 4763970
Handy+86 13007860610
SpracheEnglisch Chinesisch Deutsch
We, GUIZHOU DAZHONG RUBBER CO., LTD are one of bigest auto rubber parts manufacturer in China since 1969. We are specializing in manufacturing timing belt, cogged v belt, ribbed belt, oil seal, rubber hose, rubber cup for hydraulic brake cylinder, diaphragms for brake chamber, etc.
For your information, we have larger number of surplus belts in stock, and we are trying to sell them at a sacrifice with the price of US$3000 per ton.
If any of these will be of your interest, please feel free to contact us. We shall be glad to submit our most favorable price to you.

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