Zhengye Seiko(Shenzhen)Plastic
Mould Co.Ltd.,

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AnfrageService-Outsourcing: Biete
Stichwortplastic mold . automobile parts . gdc die
FirmaZhengye Seiko(Shenzhen)Plastic Mould Co.Ltd.,
Beschäftigte200 - 2000
Umsatz €500.000 - 5 Mio.
KontaktFrau Huang Su Hui
RegionChina CN CN-518000 Shenzhen (Guangdong)
Tel.+86 755 61500225
Fax+86 755 61500227
Handy+86 13249841720
SpracheEnglisch Chinesisch
1) Plenty of mold-makers resources in China;
2) All mold-makers who join in i-tooling are the most competitive makers in China, The I-M3 software which is a professional ERP system for mold-making is used in their workshop, so they can be controlled easy, We can give you the guarantee of TQCS : 
Time Control ------Delivery on time 
Quality Control ------Quality assurance 
Cost Control ------Lower price 
Agile Service ------ Adaptability

3) The makers are mainly located at South & East China where is the base of Chinese mold-makers. These factories are well-equipped , excellent technic. Some of them have become the best supplier of the top international enterprises (Such as Panasonic、Hitachi、Sony、Toyota、Sharp、Samsung etc). The molding products includes Auto, daily necessities, household appliance, digital products, OA equipment, and tele-communication etc. They have established a good reputation in clients.
4) Consultants experienced in mold-making and molding, Project managers who can manage the client’s project;
a) Perfect Project Management , Quality assurance and Standards.
b) Normal and rapid business processes.
c) Perfect design process and mold design standards (Euro-American mold design standards, the standards of the top clients)
d) Perfect production processes and standards.
5) The most professional BtoB platform 
a) www.i-tooling.com is a professional BtoB platform for mold-making. 
b) ECS(Engineering Collaboration System) is the most effective and economical way to communicate with your partners in anywhere and in anytime.

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