H.S.K Medical

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BrancheMedizinische Geräte
Stichwortvibroacoustic therapy . sound vibrations . relaxing sounds machine
FirmaH.S.K Medical
Beschäftigte20 - 200
Umsatz €500.000 - 5 Mio.
KontaktHerr Wangxiaowu
RegionChina CN CN-518003 Shenzhen (Guangdong)
Tel.+86 755 33075118
Fax+86 755 25115581
Handy+86 13570880178
SpracheEnglisch Chinesisch Französisch Spanisch
Low frequency sound vibrations through VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) may
contribute to clean the cells, increase oxygenation and reduce acidaVibroacoustic Bed - Complementary Health tion.Two professionals in the field of Vibroacoustic Therapy were very helpful as I
embarked on this ...... Music Therapy?

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